Fully homemade, DINNO's first eponymous EP, released in digital and 12 inches 45 R.P.M. vinyl reveals a peculiar world, resonant with psychedelism, where pop tradition and contemporary inspirations cohabit. Those two musicians have orchestrated everything from writing to recording and mixing so that no one will remain insensible to this unique craftsman piece. Now picked up by Music Unit, the band is currently finishing its first album. With this record, DINNO is likely to become one of the french revelation of this year.

« Absolute hit […] Réflexion solaire d’une rouquine, ballad highlighted with languid californian guitars and melancolic Mellotron, somewhere between Colin Blunstone and The Tyde. The vocal traceries, the old synths flooding the wooly Modern Men, the harpsichord punctuating Unity of Many or the opening flutes of The Man with Nothing in It are beacons that draw the delicate preserve of DINNO : a gusset pocket pop, baroque and humble. Arangements sound somehow cheap, it's true, but that's probably what moves us, the Mellotron and oldies found in Oh My Friend spreading a lovely quaint vibe. »

Magic RPM - Thibaut Allemand & Xavier Mazure

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