Cumbia Ya!

Emblematic ambassador of traditional columbian music, this eleven-member band has become inescapable when talking about Cumbia. Fed with early century jazz and faithful to great composer's Lucho Bermúdez heritage, these musicians know how to mix flavours of the past with actual vibes to give a tasteful and unique result. However, the great strength of this band is fully appreciable on stage. Cumbia Ya! concerts have this little extra that can't be find anywhere else, music and band in perfect harmony with the audience, horns, saxophones, clarinets and percussions that galvanize the crowd without any obvious reason, through the magic and the thousand-year alchemy between music, happiness and dance virtues.


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Soledad Romero - vocal, clarinet
Roland Seilhes - tenor saxophone, clarinet
Tullia Morand - baryton saxophone, alto saxophone
Augusto Ramos - vocal, trombone
Olivier Caron - trombone
Julien Matrot - trumpet
Xavier Bornens - trumpet
David Zerathe - timbales, tambora
Ali Fadelane - congas, alegre
Monica Lopez - backing vocal, maracas
François Piriou - baby bass

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