Ensemble Nord-Sud

Formed in 2006 by Julien Chirol, Ensemble Nord Sud is dedicated to interpreting a repertoire of original compositions whose main inspiration is drawn from musical cultures of both northern and southern hemispheres of the globe. The members of Ensemble Nord Sud are all experienced and talented artists. Of different nationalities and from various musical worlds (classical, contemporary, jazz, traditional) they have the same enthusiasm for sharing their music, their culture and their experience.


Martha Galarraga - singer
Joan Rouzaud - violin
Anne Le Pape - violin
Frédéric Maindive - viola
Sabine Balasse - cello
Grégoire Dubruel - double bass
Rémi Sciuto - flutes, saxophones, clarinets
Soledad Romero - clarinets
Fabrice Martinez - trumpets, bugle
François Bonhomme - french horn
Damien Petitjean - marimba
Eric Konnert - bàta drum
Javier Campos - bàta drum
Abraham Mansfaroll - bàta drum
Julien Chirol - composer, director

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