Kinski Elevator

Between arrhythmic discoveries, insidious melodies and unexpected references, Kinski Elevator elegantly creates a persuasive and breathtaking scenery, an escapist realm where stories of never-ending love blossom sumptuously, where surrealism follows the stream of lascivious thoughts, chasing away the dullness of habits with words that are alternatively icy-blue or crimson-red but never affected or overwrought. If you let yourself be led through these stories, you’ll find Kinski Elevator resembles a sort of labyrinth/film where the spirit of David Lynch lurks, where Can and Zappa meet Tortoise and Happy Apple. Not since Ulan Bator and Prohibition have ears heard such beautiful implacability.

Jean-Michel Marchand


Serge Rogalski - baryton guitar & lead vocals
Bruno Ruder - Fender Rhodes
Pierre Luzy - drums & backing vocals

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