Le Sacre du Tympan

A little more than ten years after the reunion of his blazing big band, Fred Pallem is back, indulging us with a fourth trip at the crossroads of jazz, rock, pop and “vintage sports cars-haunted” soundtracks. From Italian thrillers to post-war Z movies, to 70’s typical French erotic second-rate comedies, Pallem evokes the cinema he grew up with.

This album has been conceived as a soundtrack without a movie, with the deliberate intention of calling up images, and making you wander and compose your own scenari.”

From serenades to stampedes, “Soundtrax” is a one-way trip that brings you where you thought you would never go anymore. Fasten your seat belts, lean back and play it loud.

After Georgina Tacou


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Fred Pallem - bass, acoutic guitar
Vinz Taeger - drums, percussions
Rémi Sciuto - flute, keyboards, saxophone
Ludovic Bruni - guitars
Vincent Taurelle - keyboards
Fabrice Martinez - trumpet, bugle
Michel Feugère - trumpet, bugle
François Bonhomme - french horn
Daniel Zimmermann - trombone
Lionel Segui - bass trombon

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