Madame Madame

Along with Manuel Poletti, Madame Madame's leader and founder, James Mac Gaw and Pierre Luzy brought to this project a live aspect to something initially conceived as a handcrafted aesthetic playtime. Madame Madame is a great occasion for the trio to yield without resistance to that youthful tendency to pop music with these four songs, tinged with eighties spirit and fifties-like pulses. This is a record to listen to as one sees it: "Madame", a women's magazine encapsulated, placed on a reflective surface, captured in a purely analog picture - the first Madame Madame's EP, released in vinyl, is a pop object.


Manuel Poletti - vocals, guitars, bass, mixing
James Mac Gaw - vocals, guitars, lyrics
Pierre Luzy - vocals, drums, recording, mastering
Photo - ¬© Herv√© de Berlin
Artwork - Laurent Pinon
Thanks - Music Unit, Sophie Cousin
Produced by Madame Madame at Music Unit - Montreuil / France, january 2014

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