Niuver didn't have to think too hard to find an artist name, her first name is actually Niuver. Her parents invented it, which is a common practice in Cuba.

To produce her second album in 2012, she decided to contact Julien Chirol and Pierre-Luc Jamain, who didn't hesitate too long. Contrary to her first album entirely written in Spanish, this one is bilingual. "I progressively felt the need to write in French: in my lyrics, I was talking to someone who didn't speak Spanish." says Niuver. Julien Chirol adds: "We needed to turn traditional cuban rhythms into something more accessible, with a pop approach productionwise." The album Trasnochando is a beautiful collection of very different colours. Tom Poisson offered her N'importe quoi and Oxmo Puccino sings along warmly in A mi me gusta.


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