Master Classes

Music Unit provides educational programs in sound engineering (recording, mixing, mastering), artistic direction (album realization, spectacle creation), computer music (Max, Live, Max For Live, audio spatialization) and other musical activities such as producing (contracts, copyright, promotion, diffusion, management, grants). Music Unit’s workshops can either take place in its head office in Montreuil, or be hosted by a third-party partner.

conferences, workshops and master classes

Manuel Poletti
- ENSBA Dijon, Lyon & Poitiers
- CNSM Paris
- CNR Strasbourg
- CNC, Columbia University
- CNMAT, Berkeley University
- Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg

Julien Chirol
- Studio des Variétés (Paris)
- Trempolino (Nantes)

Issam Krimi
- MaMA Event 2014 conference

Pierre Luzy
- ENS Louis-Lumière

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