Studio A

Designed around a Studer 903 analogue mixing console (46 tracks), with its 200 sq.ft. stage and 20 ft. high ceiling, Studio A is ideal for recording groups in "live" conditions, and accommodates ensembles of up to 20 strings.

Its natural skylights and silent reversible air conditioning contribute to a comfortable and warm atmosphere in all seasons. The materials used for its construction (wood, hemp, fabrics) give it clear and precise acoustics allowing for a natural and present sound.

The use of additional isolation booths is also possible thanks to the direct visual communication with studios B and C, as well as with the bar.

3D Audio : equipped with a 13-speaker dome, Studio A is compatible with the majority of multi-channel standards (Ambisonic; Dolby Atmos; Auro-3D; ADM; L-ISA; 5.1; 7.1; etc.). The device's full range loudspeakers are equidistant from the sound engineer, forming a 13.1 3D monitoring system. Studio A is currently one of the few French booths equipped in this way and is a creative space like no other

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