Djazia Satour

Opera, pop music of the 1960s and Chaabi were the soundtrack of Djazia Satour's youth in Algiers in the 1980s and influenced her early singing. In 1990 she moved to the French city of Grenoble, where she quickly made her first appearances both on stage and in the studio, most notably as a backup vocalist for the band Gnawa Diffusion (1995-1999). Djazia has a voice that transcends musical styles. It is matrix of this unique fusion that has remained popular since the early days of her collaboration with MIG, the electro/trip hop band that made her famous (MIG released one EP and two albums between 2000 and 2006).

2010, the year Djazia turned 30, marked the start of an acoustic period that consisted of arrangements entirely for the stage. The same year, she self-produced Klami, a six-song album, pouring a tremendous amount of energy into the project. Freed from the over-manipulated sounds of digital recording techniques, Djazia was able to assert her artistic control and make more personal and more intuitive musical choices than before. The support she received in 2011 from FAIR, a French association that helps budding musicians, allowed Djazia to take her new repertory on the road around France and take the time to write her first solo album, Alwane.


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