Design, Installations & Branding

Sound design defines sound creation applied to all fields where thinking, making and integrating sound is essential: arts, industry, urbanism, architecture, multimedia, marketing.
Its multiple and varied objectives aim, through sound dimension, to improve the characteristics of an industrial object or an architectural space in order to promote its perception, accessibility and performance.
On the strength of its skills in the entire audio production chain and its experience in the field of contemporary musical/artistic creation, Music Unit produces elaborate sound broadcasting devices based on the latest multimedia content programming and spatial audio technologies.
Our teams take charge of the sound design and/or the completion of projects, perennial or ephemeral, for composers, visual artists, curators or architects who wish to imagine sound and its use in space as major and original elements of their creations or events.

Audio branding consists of developing and strengthening a brand through the use of sound and/or musical elements in its communication.
It is part of multi-sensory communication and holistic brand design. It aims to solidly develop a sound that represents the identity and values of a brand in a distinctive way, aimed at its audience.
The sound logo, functional sounds, music or voice of the brand are characteristic elements of the audio branding that Music Unit proposes to develop.

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