Spatial & 3D Audio

3D audio today represents what the advent of stereophony was in the middle of the 20th century: a major revolution in the field of sound. Now indispensable in many sectors, 3D audio involves pioneering resources and technologies in the following areas:

● live performance (Holophonix; L-ISA; Sound Scape, IRCAM Spat)

● recorded music (Dolby Atmos; 360 Reality Audio; Spat Revolution)

● virtual, mixed or augmented reality (Unity; Unreal)

● architecture, contemporary art, digital arts, audio books, cars, urban planning...

Advice, design, set up of ad hoc solutions in spatial audio: Music Unit will support your 3D audio project from A to Z.

In order to simplify the approach to 3D audio, Music Unit has developed a 3D sound quality label: 6DS (Six Dimensions Sound).

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