R&D - Pedagogy - Forensic Lab

In 2013, Music Unit equipped itself with a series of specific high-tech tools in order to found its independent laboratory, intended, on the one hand, to house its research and development activities and, on the other hand, to carry out all analysis, processing and expertise work on sound recordings.

On the pedagogic level, we regularly work in the fields of sound engineering (recording, mixing, mastering), artistic direction (albums, shows, contemporary art), computer music (Max, Live, Max For Live, spatialization) and the professions of musician, producer and publisher (contracts, copyright, promotion, distribution, management, subsidies). All formats are possible: round table, conference, masterclass, professional training, webinar...

On the forensic level, our laboratory allows us to carry out measuring and processing operations in the following areas:

1. Authentication of sound recordings

            - Defining the integrity of a record

            - Note the presence of possible mounting points, anomalies and digital audio processing.

            - Qualify the source of the recording.

2. Denoising / Optimisation / Audio investigations

            - Eliminate background noise

            - Optimise the comprehension of a conversation

            - Analyze ambient noise

            - Search for technological and digital traces.

3. Speaker identification

            - Define a similarity relationship between different speakers using spectral analysis tools.

4. Musical sampling ("sampling")

            - Recording the use of counterfeit samples in recorded music, extracting and identifying them.

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